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Loaded Porridge

This is one of my all time favourites breakfast. It's simple, delicious, filling and packed with nutrients and energy to set you up for the day!


Organics oats (gluten free optional)

*Optional vegan protein - Healthspan

Milk (organic cow, goat or nut milk - you choose)

Pinch of sea or rock salt

Ground flaxseed mix - see here

Ground chia seed mix - see here

Frozen blueberries

Super Easy Method

Mix the oats and chosen milk (plus protein powder) with a pinch of salt in a pan and cook on a medium heat, stirring regularly for a few minutes.

When the porridge reaches your desired consistency from staring pour into a bowl.

Top the porridge with mix of ground flaxseeds and chia seeds and top with frozen blueberries.

You can mix the topping up with different seed and nut mixes and different fruits. The fruit doesn't have to be frozen but I personally love the difference between the warm smooth porridge with the frozen crunchy fruit!

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