Breathwork can impact all areas of our life, if we can the way we breathe we can improve the way we feel, move and how we perform. 

How you breathe effects how you manage stress, how you sleep, your recovery your emotions, how your body moves and how effively you can manage carbon dioxide and utilise oxygen.

You breathe potentially 20,000 to 25,000 times per day, whether you think about it of not its happening and its having an effect on everything our body does.

I feel the true beauty in breathwork is that its simple a choice and we can all choose to become more aware of how we breath as the first step to improving the way we breathe leading to better health and happiness.

Meditating in Nature

3 Week Online Workshops

I run small group online breathwork workshops (4 to 8 people) via zoom over a 3 weeks course.

Over the 3 weeks you'll be introduced to breathholding as a tool to improve carbon dioxide tolerance, how to use your breath to manage stress better, breathing to improve recovery from exercise as well as learning how to improve the biochemistry and miomechanics of your breathing patterns and importantly understand when you're doing it correctly.

Group sizes from 4 to 8 people.

New groups starting each month from just £65

"On a personal note, the last month so far has been quite testing.  I genuinely believe the skills of breathing light and cues to check in on my breathing have helped me muddle through emotions and stress responses in a better way than I may have otherwise.  It wasn’t always immediate but when I did tune into my breathe, a calming effect followed."

- Vicky Harold


Online Breathwork Course



Jon Hudson

The breathwork sessions with David greatly enhanced my understanding of the whole oxygen advantage philosophy. Having already read the book, being guided through breathing sessions face to face with an instructor massively sped up my progress.


Increases in BOLT score were apparent after only 1 week and a whole new world of breath holding was introduced. The sessions were calming and relaxed, leading to lower heart rates and the ability to lower stress levels. And who knew structured breath holds could lead to actual pb's in the gym too!

Rob Westra

With the guidance of Jacko I've already had great improvements in only two sessions, better bolt scores, longer max holds etc etc. These don't mean a lot in real term but what I've also noticed is better sleep, more energy through out the day, quicker recover after excursion and generally feeling more alert.


Jacko's knowledge and guidance is what makes the difference between stopping when you've got a little left in the tank or pushing through in a safe manner to reap those benefits. Clear instruction and accountability makes all the difference.

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Interested in Breathwork

I run small group breathwork training as well as 1-on1 sessions - both can be done online via zoom. If you are interested please get in touch via the link below.