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Updated: May 8, 2021

Do you ever get to your car and need to go back to the front door to check you've locked it?

Do you suddenly become aware your neck is all tensed up as you haven’t moved from your workstation for a couple of hours?

Do you feel clear on what is important to you in life?

Are you aware of your strengths of character?

Do you feel as though you are aligned to the hopes you have for yourself?

Do you feel the treadmill of life is dictating you?

Do you feel you have and know your purpose?

Answering these questions can give you an idea of how connected you are to yourself. There are lots of factors in our world today that separate us from even having the time to consider these questions, or the space for some 'introspection'.

For example, research shows engaging with technology literally ‘numbs’/switches off the part of our brains (prefrontal cortex) which is attributed to our personality; our values and beliefs.

So what does it mean to be connected to ourselves?

I believe it's being aware of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and senses in each moment. Being able to fully engage with our experiences, rather than having our attention divided. Knowing what we want for ourselves, which often starts with what we don't!

Being on autopilot

Our brain needs to do some things on autopilot as making a deliberate, considered decision for all the things we say and do during each day would be pretty exhausting! 'Decision fatigue' is possibly a contributing factor to often defaulting to some unwanted habits at the end of the day and reaching for those foods that give a quick energy boost, like chocolate! For this reason, some very successful people, like Barack Obama apparently had the same suit he would wear every single day, so each morning his didn't waste any decision-making energy. Other ways to do this can be to create routines; morning and evening routines, are usually those we can protect.

Knowing what we want

Knowing where we want to head towards on the road trip of life is helpful to being able to track back and be intentional about the stuff we choose to do and not do.

We have external influences which are really good at conditioning us to this and even feel certain ways; apparently we need to drink Coca-Cola to experience happiness in our lives - thankfully this is not true!

It is important to take time and try to peel back the layers of life to reveal what is underneath as this can help us to experience an alignment between who we are, who we want to be and how we go through life.

La 'Plan de Vide!' - Plan of Life

Studies of the blue 'zones' (areas where people experience greatest longevity, like Sardinia in Italy) show these people know their purpose and 'plan of life'. Highlighting the importance of connecting to our self, our sense of purpose and spending some time thinking about our own 'business plan' for life. People in 'blue zones' are not just existing longer, but living; they experience improved psychological and physiological wellness (I want that!) - don't you?

So how do we ensure we give ourselves the time and space to check in with ourselves without becoming self-indulgent and self-obsessed!? Like with everything, there’s a balance to be struck.

As the wise cabin crew instruct; Before helping others, you must first put your own oxygen mask on!

Interested in exploring how you can connect to your 'self? Get in touch with Catherine for a free 20 minute health coaching call - click here.

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