Finding Purpose in Yourself

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

"Without Purpose in life, we usually do nothing more than chase goals & flirt with sparks of passion & energy" - Hayley King Ryan

Ponder with me for a moment... How many of us would live a different life if we took the time to find out what our Purpose was. If we took the time to listen to the silent voice within us that only speaks when we are still & quiet inside, what would change. What would happen if more of us felt inspired, driven, passionate & Purposeful in our daily lives?

Would our lives be more meaningful?

Would the lives of those close to us be impacted for the good?

Would we fall asleep at night knowing we made an impact today?

Now, the dictionary definition of Purpose leaves much to be desired, "Object to be attained, thing intended, intention to act, resolution, determination”.

I much prefer an intrinsic definition of Purpose which we as Life Coaches attach meaning to, “when the voice on the inside is louder than the voice on the outside. When you are not attached to pleasure or pain but are driven by true passion. When you are inspired by a higher spiritual calling. When your mind & body derives energy from your soul. When you open your heart & follow the wisdom within.”

Doesn’t this sound like a much better reason to get up in the morning?

A further definition worth noting is the difference between a goal & a Purpose. A goal is attainable, tangible, time lined and therefore transactional. A Purpose is attached to your values, not something you attain but something that drives you and carries you in life. It is a calling, a mission, a knowing of what you need to accomplish in your lifetime.

Now as humans we all have an intrinsic drive towards people & activities that are most important and enjoyable for us. We unfortunately do not like pain as humans and are designed to seek comfort most of the time. Our values are the driving force for most of our daily decisions and living a life with Purpose is closely aligned to living a life attached to our values. Think about what you enjoy doing on a regular basis and who you enjoy spending time with the most. These are the activities and people that are most important to you and there are values you are trying to attain within each of these life areas. Fun, Excitement, Adventure (values attached to activities), Loyalty, Laughter, Intimacy (values attached to people).

Below the level of values as our drivers, deep down within us, we have three core human needs which drive our values, Purpose & entire life. God designed us with 3 specific needs that we are meant to have met in Him. These are Security, Significance & Self-Worth. These needs form the basis of our entire human lives & direct all decisions we make. Our needs drive our values outward in our life & they also drive our Purpose back inward towards our souls.

Are you still with me? The topic of Purpose is complex, it has been researched & studied since the beginning of time. What is most important for you to gather from this blog article is that a life without Purpose starts to feel empty, void of meaning and we will usually fill it with stuff that does not matter. Everything starts to feel meaningless when deep down we have no idea why we were put on this earth or what we are meant to do with our lives.

May I ask you one question that should help you decide whether discovering your Purpose is important to you or not?

“How would you feel getting to the end of your life knowing you had no Purpose & how may that affect the direction of your Life going forward?”

The answer to this question will be the deciding factor as to whether you are ready to find your Life’s Purpose.

Hayley King Ryan

Certified Life Coach

MSC Psychology Student

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