Why Health Coaching

Research from the UKHCA (United Kingdom Health Coaching Association) stats that 88% of us understand that lifestyle is the main cause of chronic disease in the UK and we want to know how to take control of our health, yet only 18.5% of us feel confident of taking control of our health on our own.

The research shows that we want better health, but we're overwhelmed with information about what we 'should' be doing about our diets and lifestyle.


The questions I hear most often are; Where do I start? How do I start? How do I keep going?


93% of us feel it would be easier to make positive lifestyle change with the support of a health coach and 88% of people who used a health coach had a positive experience.

The research is clear - working with a health coach makes it much easier to make lifestyle changes and is a positive experience.

What exactly is health coaching

Health coaching is a partnership between a coach who understands how human behaviour impacts motivation and health and a client who wants to make a change. Health coaches use their expertise to help their clients set and achieve goals and build new habits. Simply put, they’re “change agents.” They offer the right kind of support to help clients make lifestyle and behaviour changes that are critical to achieving their health and lifestyle goals. 

This is done by

✓ Helping you discover the “why” behind their desired health change

✓ Empowering you as the expert of your own body, mind, and circumstances 

✓ Helping you identify challenges and blind spots that are preventing positive change 

✓ Providing support and accountability

✓ Using my broad knowledge of health and wellness to help people navigate a variety of health concerns 

Health coaches work with their clients using a collaborative approach; they don’t lecture their clients or prescribe treatments to them. Instead, they act as partners or guides. They facilitate the change process and support their clients as they create their own plans and strive for their health goals. Usingr this model, the client takes on the role of the expert—after all, they are the experts when it comes to their own bodies and health. This collaborative approach is powerful. It creates an environment where clients can set their own agenda and choose the things they want to focus on. This paves the way for real, lasting change. 

Health coaches don’t just work with the least healthy members of the population. They can support people with any number of health challenges and goals, from restarting an exercise regimen or getting into peak physical shape to stress reduction, diabetes management, autoimmune protocols, or weight loss. No other health professional has the unique skill set of a health coach. Coaches sit at the intersection of health information and behaviour change. They don’t just have a working knowledge of diet, lifestyle, and nutrition—they also understand how these factors affect the body, which helps them recognize and empathize with clients’ health challenges. Health Coaches also have the tools and skills to help clients build new habits and make lasting changes. This is what makes health coaches unique in the healthcare industry—they are not just a source of information but a catalyst for transformation. That’s critical, because making real, lasting lifestyle and behaviour changes isn’t a switch you flip. It takes ongoing effort and support. And it’s that ability to bring about lasting transformations that’s driving up the demand for well-trained health coaches.

Studies indicating the power of health coaching

1. Obesity

In one study, participants who underwent a habit-based weight-loss intervention program lost more weight than their counterparts—and maintained that weight loss for up to a year afterwards. Those participants also: ✓ Ate fruit and vegetables ✓ Exercised more ✓ Experienced less depression and anxiety ✓ Were more open to change ✓Improved their overall well-being. 

2. Diabetes

People who went through a six-month coaching program lost weight and decreased their waist circumference faster than those who didn’t receive coaching. What’s more, the people who worked with a health coach saw faster results—as quickly as three months into the program. 

3. High cholesterol

In another study, nurses and dietitians coached their clients with coronary heart disease on their: ✓ Cardiovascular risks ✓ Health targets ✓ Personal health goals After six months, cholesterol levels dropped significantly for participants in the coaching program. 

4. Mental health

A short, eight-week program was long enough to improve the overall quality of life of nursing home residents. After participating in group and individual coaching sessions, residents experienced: ✓ Less depression ✓Less health distress ✓ Improved self-efficacy (the belief they could achieve their goals) 

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Helen Cowper

Health coaching for me is powerful because it gives me time and space to consider my holistic wellbeing. I spend a lot of time in my head to challenge myself, learn and let go. Health coaching compliments this by giving the same consideration for my body. I believe I am better equipped when I am nurturing my whole self.


I look forward to and enjoy my time with you because you listen without judgement, are genuinely interested in and care about my goals. You haven’t ever told me there is a right or wrong, instead offered opportunities and guidance. I feel safe and supported.

Hayley King Ryan

Health coaching with Catherine has been exactly what I needed to get my health back on track. I used to be really healthy but lost my way for a few reasons. This coaching has helped me get back on my healthy feet!.

It has been helpful to highlight certain behaviors with my health that needed to change. And it has been helpful that the sessions are very much around questioning me as to why I did these unhealthy behaviors.

I now understand how to maintain healthy nutrition long term, how to handle my overanalytical thinking so it doesn't paralyze me, and I understand now that striving is not a way to live, living from a place of peace is how I need to live.


Interested in Heath Coaching

I provide personalised health coahcing through 1-on-1 sessions where we work toeghter on your health and wellbing gaols. Session can be done via zoom from anywhere in the world.

Want to chat first to see if health coahcing is for you? Get in touch via email and to arrange a free 20 minute call.