Our Values & Purpose

What is 'Rooted Life'?


To become our bravest, most joy-filled and resilient expressions of ourselves by connecting to self, nature and others.

Here for you

Rooted life is not about us, it is about the community. It's about you and us together.


To live out wholehearted lives, championing each other and loving the whole realm of nature. We long to be a generation that dies having really lived, leaving the planet in a better state than when we arrived.


To use our gifts as health care practitioners, creatives and thinkers to see you become your true you, by connecting to self, nature and others. We do this online or in person through our coaching, mentoring, events and retreats.

Compassionate Curiosity

We make it our life’s work to hold the right questions instead of seeking the right answers. 
We are committed to a growth mindset, seeking to understand ourselves, others and our landscape. We strive to keep our curiosity swaddled in kindness, tenderness and love. May our curiosity be marked by playfulness and hope.

Authentic selves

We strive to show up in life and avoid the BS.
We believe in the sacred life found in each other and nature, and as we live wholeheartedly, we all benefit. We value vulnerability and ‘failure’ as strengths that offer wisdom, healing and an opportunity for connection and belonging. We cheer each other on in our pursuit to live wholeheartedly.

Meet our family of experts...

Dr Sally Bell

Medical doctor, thinker, writer, creative and student of nature

Catherine Jackson

Physiologist, functional health coach and advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor

David Jackson

Master Oxygen Advantage coach, mentor, teacher and educator

Owen Jackson

Cold water specialist, creator and coach

Dr Lucy Williamson

Award winning Nutritionist from the Gut Health Project

Lizzie York

Yoga teacher, advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor & cyclical living coach

Andy York

Pilot, speaker and advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor
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Dr Sally Bell

Medical doctor, thinker, writer, creative and student of nature.
Sally has 24 years of experience in conventional, functional and lifestyle medicine guiding people back to health by focusing on the root cause of health issues. 

An active member of the regenerative food and farming community in the UK, she is a firm believer in the critical connection between our healing and that of our food and landscapes.

Over the years, she has thought deeply about the fundamental need to connect with ourselves, others and nature to recover healing, exploring the ancient wisdom, intuition, science and practices that nurture true health and flourishing.

Catherine Jackson

Health and Wellbeing Physiologist, Functional Health Coach and Advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor
My role is to work with you to define and achieve your health and wellness goals. Together, we would explore mindset, practical solutions. Through this collaborative process, I help you to create space for self-insight, enabling you to learn more about your strengths in order to achieve your personal potential.

Areas I often work with clients on;
  • Behaviour change
  • Stress resilience
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Female health - understanding more about our natural hormonal changes, tracking cycles, fertility, PMS.
  • Breathwork - personalised functional breathing education and practices, assessments to assess your progress.

David Jackson

'Jacko' an ex-professional rugby player now Master Oxygen Advantage coach, mentor, teacher, educator and speaker.
David Jackson aka ‘Jacko’ is a Master Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage. A former professional rugby player, accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.

In 2013, a traumatic brain injury and a seizure on the rugby pitch forced Jacko to retire from professional rugby. Years later, he discovered this had also negatively impacted breathing patterns, which had been inhibiting full recovery.

Regardless of the cause of disrupted breathing patterns, Jacko can support you to change these patterns for improved health, fitness and functioning; Eg. improved stress resilience, focus, sports performance and sleep quality.

Owen Jackson

Cold water specialist, creator and coach
Owen is an experienced coach specialising in cold water therapy and breathwork, helping individuals recapture their sense of wellbeing and harness their personal potential
His flexible and engaging approach works well with both large corporate client groups and personal 1:1 clients.
He believes living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a healthy body and mind. 
Having helped hundreds of people build resilience, have powerful experiences through embracing cold water exposure and getting back to nature. He wants to help YOU recapture your personal power!

Dr Lucy Williamson DVM MSc

Nutritionist and former Vet.
Lucy is founder of ‘The Gut Project’ reconnecting our health to the story of our food. This story has the power to heal our land, ourselves & value our animals. Nutrition with our gut health and nature at its core.

Previously a Vet in the UK and Canada, Lucy is now a Nutrition Consultant with a MSc in Nutrition from King's College London. With over 30 years of experience in health, food and farming, she’s part of a passionate community of health professionals, farmers and food producers, learning from natural eco-systems, to make better health a reality. Awarded Freelance Nutritionist of the Year 2020, previously a lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, Ambassador for The Real Food Campaign and Love British Food, Lucy lives on the edge of the Chiltern Hills with her RAF husband, two teenagers and Ruarie the border terrier.

Lizzie York

Yoga teacher, breathwork instructor, cyclical living coach & founder of the Cyclical Yogi Studio
Imagine fully meeting your physical & emotional needs, living a life aligned with your values & dreams, being truly, wildly you. That is Lizzie’s mission!

Lizzie has a unique approach to practicing, movement, breathwork, journaling and manifesting around either the lunar or menstrual cycle. To help people live in harmony with the cycles within their body and nature and live a life filled with purpose, compassion and joy.

Andy York

Pilot, human performance specialist and Oxygen Advantage Instructor
Do you require optimum performance in high pressure, high risk environments? Do you desire to remain calm and in control when life’s most stressful events happen? Would you like to lead with balanced confidence and composure both at work and at home?
Andy’s career as a pilot requires maximising human cognitive and physiological performance in a demanding and high pressure industry. By learning about your body’s autonomic nervous system, you can learn how to manage your response to stress, whether it is acute or chronic. Our biology drives our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions. With Andy’s knowledge you can learn how polyvagal theory, the vagus nerve and breathwork can increase your health and performance by taking command of your physiology. Optimise your sleep, recovery, cognitive function and decisiveness with the latest and most advanced holistic techniques being applied to the aviation industry.
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