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The Happy Gut Event: Replay

An evidence-based seminar by Dr Sally Bell and Nutritionist Lucy Williamson to give clarity and confidence in how to look after your gut.
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Seminar Repay from 2nd May

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  • Zoom, Online
  • Level: All welcome
  • Time: 2hr replay

Join Dr Sally Bell and health coach Catherine Jackson from Rooted Life with guest speaker Nutritionist and gut expert Lucy Williamson.

A 'Happy Gut' lies at the root of 'A happy mind, skin, heart, memory, brain, bones and reproductive system'. Gut health is central to all health!!
But sadly, problems with our gut are rife. Many suffer from discomfort, pain, and bloating and live with life-long diagnoses and the need for long-term medication.

In recent years, the research around gut health has exploded onto the scene, and it is very clear our lifestyle and food choices are critical to gut health. Sadly, this is often overlooked in the advice and support offered by health practitioners. And the information on the internet can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.

This live workshop addresses this gap, delivering clarity, confidence and practical advice to help your gut thrive.

With 3 experts at your fingertips, this seminar brings together decades of experience combining our evidence-based medical, nutritional, behavioural and breathwork expertise to equip you with tools to heal your gut.

You will leave with the following:
  • A fresh understanding of the role of gut health and why it matters
  • The role our food choices play
  • How lifestyle choices can heal your gut
  • How our breath can change our gut function
There will be an opportunity to ask questions, join an online group with our experts to support changes you decide to make, receive our free ebook and a recording of the session. 

We hope you can join us!

Dr Sally Bell, Catherine Jackson & Lucy Williamson
Meet the Experts:

Dr Sally Bell
is a medical doctor specialising in lifestyle medicine and women's health.

She has a private clinic; designs and runs wellness retreats at the Michelin-starred Hampton Manor, advises organisations on wellness and speaks regularly on BBC radio. She is also connected with the regenerative food and farming movement here in the UK.

Lucy Williamson is an award-winning Registered Nutritionist, previously a Vet, championing nutrient-rich food from healthy soils, for the long-term health of people and planet.

Founder of The Gut Project, Lucy provides nature-based nutrition support for effective communication on truly sustainable food.

Ambassador for the Love British Food campaign, The Real Food Campaign and visiting University Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, Lucy lives in Hertfordshire with her RAF husband, two teenagers and Ruarie the border terrier.

Catherine Jackson is a physiologist, functional health coach and advanced Oxygen Advantage instructor with over 15 years experience working within health and wellbeing. 

Catherine's particular areas of interest and expertise are; behaviour change, stress resilience, sleep, nutrition and female health and breathwork.
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