Dr Sally Bell

Letting go & making space

I am sitting overlooking my tiny little garden, in awe again at the wonder of the seasons. Pondering a fresh what nature teaches us about ourselves, our health and our lives.

Here in the UK, we have four seasons, something I missed in my years in Africa where the year was marked by wet and dry seasons with little thought to the transition in between.

Our leaves here are turning to flamed reds and oranges, falling to cover the ground. The branches of the trees left bare heralding the coming of winter.

But wait, are they bare? If you draw close for a moment and take a closer look at the branch, the new buds for next season's growth are already there. If you don’t believe me, go have a look for yourself! 

What can we learn from this? 

Can we rest in the knowledge that living in a metaphorical season of summer isn’t how we are designed? Growth, growth, growth at the expense of rest is exhausting. 

Can we let go of the previous seasons growth and success in the full assurance that this is the secret to making way for new growth? Can we rest in the wisdom of the winter seasons, where rest, repair and reflection garner the energy for what is to come?

If it would help you, I use a practice called the examen to help me in this process of letting go and making space for the new, I have done a short video below;
Rest well,

Dr Sally Bell
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