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Here at rooted life, we share a common purpose. This purpose is to become our bravest, most joy-filled and resilient expressions of ourselves by connecting to ourselves, nature and others.

5% to Farmers Footprint Charity

We are giving 5% of our sales to help this charity support the Earth

"Farmers Footprint UK is on a mission to unite, inspire and accelerate the movement towards a regenerative future as a means to restore soil, human, and planetary health. We are a national non-profit aiming to transform the UK’s agriculture by inviting us back into relationship with land, food and community as a way to collective healing."

A space to learn and a place to explore how we can look after ourselves, nature and each other.

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Connect to 'Self'

We seek to understand our body's unique language in the healing process and nurture practices to cultivate an awareness in everyday moments.

Connect to 'Nature'

We are nature. Nature is us. We are part of an intelligent ecosystem that thrives when we work with it in partnership. We all thrive as we seek to respect its complexity and wisdom. Our health and that of nature is one story.

Connect to 'Others'

Modern scientific research and ancient wisdom speak of our connection to a healthy community has a profound impact on our health and well-being. Creating and investing in these places is critical.

Our Mission

Is to use our gifts as health practitioners, creatives and thinkers to fulfil our purpose by connecting people to self, nature and others. We seek to do this with you by learning together and sharing life. Whether in our membership area, an online course, or in-person experiences, join us in our pursuit to become our bravest, most joy-filled and most resilient expressions of ourselves.

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Meet our family of educators

Dr Sally Bell

Medical doctor, thinker, writer, creative, student of nature
Sally has 24 years of experience in conventional, functional and lifestyle medicine guiding people back to health by focusing on the root cause of health issues. 
An active member of the regenerative food and farming community in the UK, she is a firm believer in the critical connection between our healing and that of our food and landscapes.
Over the years, she has thought deeply about the fundamental need to connect with ourselves, nature and others to recover healing, exploring the ancient wisdom, intuition, science and practices that nurture true health and flourishing.

Catherine Jackson

Physiologist, Functional Health & Breathwork coach
Catherine Jackson is a functional health coach and Oxygen Advantage instructor with over 15 years experience working within health and wellbeing, with vast experience within both the corporate setting and working closely with private individual clients. Through a collaborative process with clients, she helps people create space for self-insight, enabling them to learn more about their strengths in order to achieve personal potential.

David Jackson

Speaker, educator, breathwork coach & mentor
David Jackson aka ‘Jacko’ is a Master Instructor with the Oxygen Advantage. A former professional rugby player, accredited UKSCA Strength & Conditioning coach, NASM performance enhancement & corrective exercise specialist on a mission to make breathwork a normal part of our everyday lives.
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