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Tuesday 13th August 2024 @1930
UK time

Health and wellness can be overwhelming!

We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, from Pubmed, books, blogs, health 'gurus', celebrities and Steve next door all giving advice!
If we are to try and do 'all of the things', it can feel like a full-time job.

So many of us get lost and disillusioned in the sea of often conflicting and ever-changing information.

Lucy (former vet, turned Nutritionist), Catherine (Health Coach) and Jacko (Breathwork Coach) will be having a 'sensible' and light-hearted discussion around how/where might we start, or move forward when it comes to wanting to improve our health. 

Join us for this FREE webinar, in which we hope to support you in how you start, or continue in promoting your health and wellness. We hope this will help you to feel clearer in your onward focus and plan for yourself. And importantly support you in a positive approach.

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 Where Should I start?

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13th August @ 19:30 UK time

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