4-Week Live Coaching Course Online 
Starts Monday 3rd June@1930 UK time

Living in Harmony; Connect to Your Female Cycle

Live Small Group, led by Health Coach Catherine Jackson. Via Zoom. 

Maximum of 5 places available.

 £75 Rooted Life Members
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Kickstart your cyclical approach to life, working through Lizzie York's 'Living in Harmony; Connect to Your Female Cycle Course, which includes yoga, breathwork and meditation for each stage of your menstrual cycle.

Together, we will walk through the 'Living in Harmony; Connect to Your Female Cycle Course;  This course offers a lot of thought provoking self-insights and suggested activities for each 'season' within our monthly cycle.

With this live, small-group version, there will be the added accountability,  opportunities to discuss our self-discoveries and offers further support in tracking your monthly hormonal cycle.

This course is ideal for someone who is:

  • Currently having a menstrual cycle
  • Currently practicing or wishing to practice yoga (doesn't have to have prior experience)
  • May not know much about their monthly hormonal cycle.
  • Wants the support and community of doing this with a like-minded group.

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What's included?

The course covers:

  • Education to support monthly cycle tracking
  • Group coaching to guide us through the Living in Harmony course.
  • A supportive group environment
  • E-mail support
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“Our monthly cycle is our Fifth Vital Sign.

Our cycle and more precisely ovulation is an indication of our vitality”

Lara Briden (Women's Health Expert)

Living in Harmony; Connect to Your Monthly Cycle LIVE, June 2024

 Live via Zoom - sessions recorded and available for later viewing.

 Session 1: Monday 3rd June 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 2: Monday 10th June 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 3: Monday 17th June 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 4: Monday 24th June 1930 - 2030 UK time.

  Small group of a maximum of 5.

Meet the expert..

Catherine Jackson

Catherine Jackson is a functional health coach and Oxygen Advantage instructor with over 15 years experience working within health and wellbeing, with vast experience within both the corporate setting and working closely with private individual clients. Through a collaborative process with clients, she helps people create space for self-insight, enabling them to learn more about their strengths in order to achieve personal potential.

"Whilst seeking to learn more about health, ironically, I found I had my own health challenges, which culminated in doing a deep dive into female hormones and how to support them. Ultimately, I learned our female hormones, oestrogen and progesterone are essential for optimal health, regardless of if you wish to have children.

After years of pill use combined with unknowingly under-fuelling my exercise, I had to address many aspects of my perceived 'healthy lifestyle' in order to regain my hormones - It was 8 years after stopping the pill before I got the return of my period. I now have a new-found appreciation for these hormones and all they do for my body and I have to now hope the years I have back in my natural female cycle will help to support my bone health, muscle health, cardiovascular and brain health, which has suffered as a result of the absence of these hormones for so long.

I now have a huge passion for this area, as female health has been neglected within our education and health research, and continues to be overlooked in generic health advice. Like perhaps many of you, it was a case of ‘not knowing what I’d got until they’d gone’! Basically, my very minimal knowledge of female hormones meant I neglected to understand what I was missing out on without the presence of oestrogen and progesterone, only now to understand what amazing things they could have been doing within my body.

I believe this understanding of what our hormones do for us can help us to reshape how we think about our lifestyles through the month to leverage their benefits.

I hope this course will be an opportunity for you to understand and appreciate your hormones and to use them to your advantage to become a more in tune with yourself, including your female strengths!"

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