2nd March 2024: Cheshire, UK

Cold, Breathwork, Nature & Sound Bath

On Saturday 2nd March 2024 the Rooted Life team are back at the beautiful Farm Club in Cheshire for another unique 'Connection Experience' giving you the chance to feel connected to yourself, nature and others.

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What to expect?

At the event

  • Fresh roasted coffee on arrival
  • Breath training session
  • Connecting to nature
  • Cold water lake session
  • Relaxing sound bath
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What people say about the 'connection experience'...

"The day was a real connection experience for me, I was surprised at the effect of being in a group and with the guidance of Owen, Catherine and yourself all three of you were so good in such different ways - to let the competitiveness go, to feel safe, to feel the breath and its effect on the nervous system and how you can alter it - the day felt like mental emotional and physical experience -it was really special.So a huge thank you to all three of you, I appreciated it. Much love"
- Paula 

We are nature...

Spend time in nature, connecting to yourself and others in the beautiful setting of the Farm Club in Cheshire.

10:15am 2nd March 2024

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  • Cheshire, UK

  • Level: All welcome
  • Time: 10:15am till 4pm
The cold water exposure is in the natural setting of the beautiful pickmere lake 'on site' at the Farm Club in Cheshire. You'll be taught how to safely and progressively expose ourselves to 'the cold', why it's an important too for self connection, regulation of the nervous system and managing stress response.
The breathwork (based on the Oxygen Advantage) will teach you how to improve your functional breathing for better day to day breathing habits as well as understand how and why the breath can be used to manage our stress response and experience it with self regulation of the breath when exposed to the cold water lake.

The day closes with a beautiful relaxing 'sound bath' where the vibrations of the sounds connect you deeply with yourself. Throughout the day you'll have the chance to connect with each other, the Rooted Life team of coaches, reflect on the experience and what you've learnt about yourself through the process.
No experience of cold exposure or ice baths necessary, but we do recommend you take a few cold showers in the days building to the event to prepare.

*Healthy drinks and natural homemade snacks will be provided, but you will need to bring your own lunch.
The day experience runs from 10:15am until 4pm incorporating a combination of cold water exposure, breathwork and nature to bring us back into connection for better health, resilience and happiness.

The day is an experience of both theory and practise of why connection to ourselves, nature and others is so important to our overall health.

Creating these better connections helps us to understand ourselves better, our purpose and what our bodies need for better health.

Our team consists of Physiologist & Functional Health coach, Breathwork coach and Cold Exposure expert, who will endeavour to create an experience and day you'll never forget.

Please note:
If you are pregnant or have any serious underlying health conditions like high blood pressure, heart issues etc this is not a suitable event for you - we are sorry.

The Farm Club,
Mere View Farm,
Park Lane,
WA16 0LG

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