4-Week Live Course Online via Zoom
Starts 16th November @1930 UK time

Breathwork for Stress Resilience

Learn, understand and develop the power of your own breath to help create resilience and manage stress; so often an underlying obstacle to us functioning optimally and living out our values and goals.

* Maximum of 6 places available.
** Early bird offer only £75
(normal price £95)

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What's included?

The course covers:

  • Assessments of breathing, which will also give us an indication of how much our body is being impacted by stressors.
  • Learn how to breathe optimally and understand how this links to our stress. 
  • An understanding of how our body deals with and responds to stress.
  • Interventions for when we are stressed!
  • How we build stress resilience - focusing on using the breath but also considering other aspects of our life; nutrition, exercise, sleep, connection.
  • Breathing exercises with recordings to follow.
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“Breathing impacts every aspect of your health - sleep, digestion, movement, mental wellbeing, disease, and recovery. It’s an extraordinary resource with life-changing potential. It’s simple, free, and available to everyone.”

Patrick McKeown - The Breathing Cure

Breathwork for Stress Resilience Online Course

 Live via Zoom - sessions recorded and available for later viewing.

 Session 1: Thursday 16th November 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 2: Thursday 23rd November 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 3: Thursday 30th November 1930 - 2030 UK time.
 Session 4: Thursday 7th December 1930 - 2030 UK time.

 Get Lifetime Access to the Course Material
  Small group of a maximum of 6.

Course Content

Meet the expert..

Catherine Jackson

Catherine Jackson is a functional health coach and Oxygen Advantage instructor with over 15 years experience working within health and wellbeing, with vast experience within both the corporate setting and working closely with private individual clients. Through a collaborative process with clients, she helps people create space for self-insight, enabling them to learn more about their strengths in order to achieve personal potential.

“I regularly see clients for whom stress is obstructing their path to better health; often unknowingly.

Excess stress played a significant part in my personal health and yet I didn't realise my body was under excess stress and neither did my friends and family.

Stress doesn't always present in the same way and we also are often so busy we don't realise what is going on in our bodies - we become disconnected. 

I hope this course will be an opportunity for you to apply the information and practices to use stress to your advantage and become a more resilient being!"
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Breathwork for Stress Resilience 4-Week Online Course

Starts 16th November via Zoom
     Max 6 places available.
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