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This 'Breathwork Basics' is an online course I’ve developed as an Advanaced Oxygen Advantage breath coach. This SELF PACED course allows you to work through the content at your own pace and access all the course content anytime. The course covers the foundations of breathwork through 3 stages to help you change the way you breathe to improve the way you feel, move and perform. The course content includes - Over 4 hours of video educational content - Videos tutorials of the breathing exercises to perform - 2 x downloadable mp3 to listen & follow along anytime - Manual of exercises to download - Presentation slide to download - Ongoing email support from me (Jacko) Stage One [Foundations] - Assessment of your current breathing patterns, habits and CO2 tolerance - Basics of breathing biomechanics & biochemistry - Understanding air hunger and managing it through breathing light, slow and deep - Introduction to breath holding for better CO2 tolerance Stage Two [Progressing] - Functional breathing biomechanics detail - Cadence breathing for HRV and autonomic nervous system - Development of spine and shoulder mobility through specific breathing - Breathholding to simulate altitude training to improve CO2 tolerance - Improving recovery through breathing Stage Three [Challenging] - Managing air hunger in the 'real world' - Increasing hip mobility with specifc breathing stimulus - Stronger breathholds to force CO2 tolerance adaptations

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David Jackson (Jacko)
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